Clarion Builds is an innovative marketing program designed to connect Clarion and its elite group of industry partners with automotive enthusiasts, sports car aficionados, journalists, historians, and anyone with a love of automotive design and style. The program is designed to take on unique restoration projects and aims to share the journey to completely and meticulously restore and modernize iconic, genre defying automobiles. In the not so distant future, the program intends to take on restoration of other vehicle types including off-road utility vehicles and motorcycles. 


Is the collective world-culture falling out of love with the automobile? Are we more interested today in our smartphones and tablets, playing mindless games and watching viral videos rather than enjoying what most of us enjoyed when we were growing up? Are we letting go of the fun of driving, love of cars, passion of following motorsports, and the pride of owning a piece of art and a piece of history? Well, at Clarion, our goal is to do whatever we can not to let any of the above happen and Clarion Builds was established to help us achieve that goal! 

Realizing that we are all fixated on screens these days, staying connected, distracted, and entertained, Clarion will bring Builds project to where we spend most of our leisure time. Whether it’s stalking the pages of Facebook, ogling Instagram posts, pinning on Pinterest, constantly checking Twitter feeds, or browsing YouTube for the next breakout sensation, Clarion Builds will be there to dazzle our fans and friends with works of art on wheels and tantalize the masses to make Clarion part of their lives!


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