After 20 years of wanting an Acura NSX, I finally purchased one in August 2012.  A 1997 NA2 Berlina Black NSX. After five years of ownership, and a very successful first round of build, it was time to reinvent my NSX and so I got started.

In the last quarter of 2016 I knew I needed to make a change to keep things fresh. Many people were shocked when I said I was going to redo the look of my NSX so I knew it had to be something not seen before and incredible. I decided to design my own printed wrap and I wanted to make sure it not only meant something personal to me, but my concept would be 100% designed around my car and not just some cool pattern you could wrap any car with. 

Once I decided on making the NSX a fighter jet theme based on Macross — my favorite anime growing up — I felt I needed to make sure the car was much faster than before to substantiate the wrap. I set out to design one of the most technical and detail oriented wraps anyone has ever seen that was fighter jet inspired, yet it did not need to look realistic.  After all, it was inspired by a cartoon.  What better jet to choose than a Japanese anime jet loosely based off the F-14 tomcat and what better car to put it on than an Acura NSX?  My photoshop skills at the time were very limited but having the vision is the most important key. 

As I do with most of my concepts, I took an existing old photo of my NSX and got to work in Photoshop.  The feedback I received was exceptional but I knew I needed to get far more detailed if I wanted to reach my goal of designing a highly technical wrap.

After my initial concept in 2016, I knew in order to reach my goal of something more detailed, I would have to change the scaling on the design. After doing some research I found I needed to bring the design settings to a minimum of 720dpi (up from 300dpi) if I wanted to eliminate as much pixilation as I could since I was designing in Photoshop. 


The feedback I received was exceptional but I knew I needed to get far more detailed if I wanted to reach my goal of designing a highly technical wrap.


This design took over a year to complete but it was not because I was really just slow at working on it. I wanted to take my time and do it as best as I could without rushing the project. I spend a lot of time in commercial aircraft so I stare out at the wing and take photos of things as reference. Things like the variety of hardware used to hold different parts of the aircraft together, and photos of how the weather effects the finish of the panels and the hardware.  I also visited a couple of air museums around the country to see what a fighter jet really looks like up close, taking dozens of photos along the way. My finished product did not have to be realistic, just detailed and somewhere in between fantasy and reality.

Along with the exterior, I also redesigned my interior and the new interior will be theme based to match the wrap. I have added full carbon fiber bucket seats from Tillett USA, as well as full carbon interior door panels. My goal is to make my interior fighter jet inspired, with a touch of the anime Macross / Robotech Veritech fighter jets.  My build is taking a car and doing something you may see for Comic-Con or cosplay for my NSX.  Below are some of the panels that I have built in Fusion360 over the past month. Before this project I had no idea how to use Fusion360 but in order to minimize cost, I knew I needed to learn the program enough to design my own components.  These are panels for my carbon fiber seats to pull off the ejection seat look.  One of my build sponsors, IC3D agreed to 3D Print anything I want as long as I provide the rendering file in a print ready format.  This meant I needed to either pay out a lot of money or like Photoshop, I needed to learn how to use the design software myself.  So like Photoshop, I did just that with Autodesk Fusion 360.

Below is my final photoshop rendering of the vehicle before sending it off to be printed. Thank you, Evolutionized Photography, for the original photo of my NSX of which to overlay the photoshop render.  I can say that the final product can only be for an Acura/Honda NSX as every detail on the wrap was made specifically with the lines and panels of the NSX in mind.  Even down to the fun detail of a fighter jets Rescue instructions.  I made sure the Rescue decal was near the driver’s door handle so that the placement made logical sense. I also grabbed an image from the Acura NSX maintenance manual and used that in place of what you would typically find on a real air craft.       

As I wrapped up SEMA 2017, there is still much work to be done in order to get the build to where I want it. It would be great if I could somehow simulate a HUD on my dashboard but until that happens, wiring up the black light and using that to illuminate the HUD display will work just fine. 


  • 2002 OEM front end headlight and bumper conversion
  • Downforce USA -NSX-R Carbon fiber Hood
  • Downforce USA -JDM Style Honda NSX front fenders (side marker delete)
  • Science of Speed Vector (Gen2) carbon fiber front lip
  • 2002 OEM side skirts/door cards
  • Route KS side flares
  • JDM NSX Type-S door emblems
  • Pride Carbon Modulo Style Carbon Spoiler
  • Downforce USA – GT Carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • Custom Self-Designed LED tail lights
  • Garage Kite side vents
  • Carbon Kingdom Spoon Style power mirrors


  • BC Racing coil overs
  • Forgeline EX1 (18x8.5, 19x10)
  • Futura Design Brakes (F-356mm 8pot / R-330mm 6pot)
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport 225/35/18 & 285/30/19
  • Kics LEGGERA two-piece lug nuts


  • LoveFAB LF-600 turbo / Garett 3076R turbo
  • LoveFAB Titanium headers
  • LoveFAB custom exhaust


  • Honda NA2 NSX-R intake manifold cover
  • Downforce USA radiator vent for hood
  • DressupBolts Titanium hardware bolts front/rear
  • SCW Performance GT radiator cooling panel
  • WDL Racing custom targa bar
  • Misc engine dress up parts


  • 2002 interior upgrade refresh, original color tan
  • OEM Honda NSX NavPod
  • Tillett B5 full carbon fiber bucket seats
  • Center lower dash and lower door panels painted black
  • Custom carbon fiber center console with power and USB jacks
  • Cedar Ridge Fabrication Harness Bar
  • Sabelt 6-point 3” racing harnesses
  • Pride interior carbon fiber door panels
  • Momo Tuner 320mm steering wheel w/Works Bell tilt hub


  • Clarion NX807 double din

  • Alpine SPS-610 6.5” speakers

  • 10” Earthquake Slim sub-woofer

  • Clarion XC2510 5-channel amp

  • Papago Dash Cam S780 front/rear cam

  • Google Nexus 7 tablet

  • Reverse camera

  • Owl Security dash cam


  • Clarion
  • Ceramic Pro of Arizona
  • Michelin USA
  • Avery Dennison
  • Papago Dash Cameras
  • Futura Design Brakes
  • Sabelt America
  • Ic3d Printers
  • Tire Stickers
  • 80s
  • EA Wraps
  • Pride Exhaust
  • The NSX Shop
  • WDL Racing
  • BC Forged wheels
  • BC Racing
  • Dress Up Bolts



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