Adding a Rugged But Stylish Audio System to Our Yamaha YXZ1000R SE

In the last installment of Clarion Builds Powersports build, we went over some of the performance, ergonomic and safety modifications made to our 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R SE.  That was only the start of our build process. Today, let's talk about the incredibly powerful and rugged audio and video system we have installed in this fun mini project.

For this anniversary edition YXZ1000R, we needed a rugged system that would match the aggressive styling of our Yamaha Side by Side. We turned to our extensive audio line-up to outfit this off-road machine with powerful audio capabilities and industry-leading connectivity options. The high-end styling, top-shelf features and rugged build quality of Clarion powersports systems helped us outfit our Clarion Builds YXZ1000R SE rig with a great extended system that lets it stand out from the crowd, while being more than capable of delivering a powerful audio experience. Coupled with the fact that Clarion systems used in the Yamaha have no issues withstanding the rough life out in the desert, our latest creation was almost a sure bet from the start! Practically though, we needed to make sure that, when we stray off the road, away from the reach of terrestrial radio, we can still bring the music with us, which is why we chose the latest system in Clarion’s Powersports product line that offers SiriusXM, iPod compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and a standard RCA input. Additionally, we outfitted the machine with front and rear cameras so that we can keep an eye on obstacles around the vehicle. 

The brains of our infotainment system is the all new Clarion Powersports CMS4 two-piece source unit. This system easily meets the connectivity and video needs of today’s off-road vehicle enthusiast, and was the perfect choice for our build. This expertly designed interface of the CMS4 allows users to control it easily without distraction. We also installed a MW30 wired remote on the rear of the vehicle to enable full control of the audio system when not sitting in the cockpit.  To amplify the performance of our system, we utilized the rugged, marine-grade XC2510 micro 5-channel amplifier, pumping out 700 watts.  For speakers, we utilized our CMQ1622RL Powersports/Marine-grade 6 ½ inch water resistant high performance coaxial speakers, fitted within SSV Works front 6.5" speaker pods, ensuring a perfect fit.  To balance out the sound front to back, we mounted two CM7123T 7” x 10” inch marine tower speakers to the roll cage of the Yamaha. For added bass, the CMQ2512WL Marine 10-inch high performance water resistant subwoofer was added, and mounted within a SSV Works enclosure. The entire system offers incredible dynamic range and serious bass, perfect for letting the coyotes and rattle snakes know that we’re out kicking up dust on the trail.

Because visibility on the trail is paramount to safety, we knew we had to install our CC520 Vision Assist camera both in the front and rear of the XYZ1000R.  The 162-degree viewing angle provides the driver a clear view of the obstacles around them, and with 100 degrees of vertical viewing, we will easily be able to navigate around or over any obstacles on the trail.

Of course, we had to connect all of rugged Clarion audio and video components, and for that we looked to our partner Scosche Industries.  We utilized their high-quality line of 4-gauge power and ground wires as well in order to give our system power, and connected all of our speakers with their 16 gauge speaker wire. To help deliver as much power as possible, both positive and negative battery terminals were replaced with Scosche replacements. And, since every vehicle needs a place to store a smartphone, Scosche Industries hooked our Yamaha up with their MagicMount XL Surface Cell Phone Mount to keep our smartphone in reach and firmly in place while ripping through sand.

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Alyson Yarberry