On April 23rd, Clarion, in conjunction with Clarion Builds’ team racing driver Chris Forsberg, and New Century BMW, brought Clarion Builds’ freshly finished 1974 BMW 2002 to the track at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, California to stretch the car’s legs and give both the press and program partners a chance to admire and enjoy the fruits of several months of painstaking work turning the icon into the pristine gem that it is.

The event kicked off promptly at 10:00 AM with Clarion’s head of marketing, Allen Gharapetian, and Clarion Builds program supervisor, Jubal Leierer, greeting the attendees and providing a heartfelt shot-out to all of the partners that contributed to making Clarion Builds’ first project a remarkable success. The day was packed full of events designed to engage the attendees among which a chance to get the “in-car experience” with Chris Forsberg, a time-trial pitting the vintage BMW against its 2015 successor, a well-catered Bavarian-inspired lunch, a go-kart challenge, and an opportunity to interview, take photographs and be part of the official video! The festivities didn’t end until the kind folks running Adams Motorsports Park politely asked us to wrap it up around 5:00 PM.

The overall excitement for the Clarion Builds program was felt across the board hearing what the attendees had to say about the event and the iconic 2002. More than a dozen press from leading blogs and magazines including AutoWeek, MotorTrend, European Car, Super Street, Wrecked Magazine, Left Lane News, and more were all salivating at the thought of getting some seat time in our four-wheeled piece of motoring history and everyone got their wishes fulfilled. We expect every member of the media present at the event to write a feature about the car.

Seemed like there was one common question in everyone’s head: “What’s next for Clarion Builds?.” The team is finalizing the specifics of our new project and will soon share what’s next next.

Watch the official Clarion Builds Track Day video!

Alyson Yarberry