When we launched the Clarion Builds program back in the summer of 2014 with the inaugural restoration project of our iconic 1974 BMW 2002, we definitely knew we had a hit on our hands. While the classic ’02 instantly captured the hearts and minds of automotive enthusiasts and created an invigorating new way for Clarion fans and friends to interact with Clarion online, something was missing… but what? For the second project, we figured found out what we needed rather quickly. That all said, meet the immensely talented and gorgeous Amy!

Having a host for the program, especially someone as good as Amy, adds to the appeal of our project NSX. When we began the new project, we knew we wanted to change things up and take our fans through the Clarion Builds experience in a more thorough and guided fashion; so, we began searching for an iconic character, one as memorable as our iconic NSX. But, as hard as it was to find our NSX, finding that elusive character was proving to be as taunting of a task, if not more so, and time was ticking fast. Hundreds of portfolios and dozens of interviews later, we were almost giving up on the notion of having a host until one Friday afternoon, in late June, we met Amy and instantly knew she was the perfect fit!

Amy truly impressed us right off the bat with her remarkable enthusiasm, serious knowledge of cars, and a nicely rounded background in the automotive industry. Also, it did not hurt that she looked and performed great on camera!

Speaking of camera, Amy loves being in front of the camera! She is contagiously positive and gets really engaged with both the shoot and the story we are trying to capture on film. To top it all off, she truly loves cars and knows a lot about them! That’s probably not an accident given Amy’s background working in the automotive industry.

Interestingly, when we first spoke with Amy about becoming the host of our Clarion Builds project, her first question was, “What car?” She was SOLD instantly when she found out it was a gen one Acura NSX. In fact, Amy told us “My dad is a huge fan of the NSX, and I always admired the car growing up – it’s such a timeless icon.”

We definitely feel lucky having Amy as part of our program. We hope all our Clarion Builds fans and friends are enjoying Amy as she takes us on a fun and interactive journey documenting the restoration of our Project NSX.

Alyson Yarberry