Clarion’s BMW 2002 is a 1974 model year manufactured for the US market. It is an a pretty good shape for a 40 year old car, built with 40 year old standards and technologies.

Originally painted BMW’s signature Fjord blue (resprayed at least once), Clarion’s 2002 is a standard trim model featuring a carburetored 4 cylinder engine and blue cloth/vinyl interior.   Despite this being a relatively clean car, it has seen much better days … The odometer currently sits at just about the 6500 mile mark. But, since it can only show 5 digits, it must have eclipsed 100,000 miles once or maybe twice over before we got our hands on it.

Clarion’s plan is to make everything look and feel as nice or nicer than when this baby left the factory in Germany, back in November 1973, headed to its first owner in California. While our intention is to restore the car to how it looked back in 1974, we are also planning to have some serious fun by enhancing key components and capabilities “behind the scenes” in order to bring the restored car to present-day standards without impacting its original look or driving experience. For instance, Clarion’s O2 will, naturally, sport the latest in entertainment, connectivity and audio technologies, subtly worked into the car’s classic interior without radical or shocking modifications. Also, the stock engine will be fully rebuilt and enhanced for greater performance. And we’ll be upgrading the suspension, tires, brakes and everything else to have the O2 meet today’s standards without adding outrageous upgrades that would take away from the classic appeal.

Alyson Yarberry