It’s probably a good time to share one of the “fun” experiences we had lining up the car builder.

While one of our team members was having his car tinted at a local shop near our office, a beautiful ‘73 tii caught his eye. It was a number matching car and was in great shape for a daily driver. Of course he did not hesitate to find out who had done the build. After a number of phone calls to the shop and emails back and forth between our team, we set up a time to bring our Clarion Builds’ 1974 BMW 2002 over to the shop that had put together this clean tii. The shop was about an hour’s drive from our office in Cypress and we dropped our ’02 off so they could give it a once over. After a long weekend we got the word back; Low compression, funky 5-speed swap that would need attention, and many other little details that we were expecting from our 40 year old daily driver. To our chagrin, after looking over the car and getting a breakdown of our plans for the car, the owner of the shop came to the conclusion that the projects that were already lined up in his shop would interfere with our schedule and he had to bow out! But, honestly, it was actually pretty refreshing to get the upfront information and not be half way through and then realize we would not be able to meet our deadline, or worst yet, have the car came out subpar because of corner cuttings to save time. Because the car ran fine, one of our team got dropped off on a warm sunny day (remember no AC) and started the long trip back to the office.

Alyson Yarberry