Picking the right shop to work on your ride can be a daunting task. Finding a car builder that you can trust to not take advantage and overcharge you, and one that also actually knows how to do the job right can lead to hours if not days of research and many sleepless nights, hoping that you made the right decision. With a full, ground up restoration project, finding the right shop is even more important because many a restoration has have been derailed for months if not years because of lack of knowledge, skill, or even in the worst case, motivation. There is nothing sadder to an automotive enthusiast than seeing your dream car in pieces, shoved in the corner of a shop and retuning week after week with no progress to show.

You might have thought that with our many industry connections picking the right shop would have been a snap for us. Sure, if we had done a cookie cutter new car build the shop selection process would have been a breeze but because we elected to do a soup to nuts restoration of a classic BMW, our options were a bit more limited. We wanted a shop that not only specialized in classic BMW’s but one that shared our passion for the resurrection of a piece of automotive history, the BMW ’02. So … To make sure our project would not halt or get derailed half way through the build, we needed someone that was a seasoned veteran, an expert that knew all the tricks and someone who had access to all the hard to find parts … After months of searching and a couple of false starts, we finally found the shop that met all our criteria.

Alyson Yarberry