Looking for and finding that “ideal” project car is the first phase of any restoration. That assumes though that you already know what you want to restore! Some people “luck” themselves into receiving a hand-me-down car in need of much attention while others resort to scouring the internet or local papers. But, if you’re starting empty handed as we were, part of the fun of restoring a car is the “hunt” for the ideal candidate. For us, the good news was that we already knew what we wanted so, off we went hunting on the internet …. Days turned into weeks and weeks went into months . We spent weeks finding options on eBay and eagerly passing the links around the office so our team could weigh their strengths and weaknesses. After a while, we realized that a car that would fit our ideal price range and condition required more than a hand swipe of the “buy it now” purchasing process. We came to a realization that a car of this caliber requires a thorough look-over. So, perhaps needless to say, we moved the hunt over to Craigslist. Those familiar to the process or simply walked the same path can attest to the Craigslist experience and it was an interesting experience to say the least.. We found cars that after talking to the “seller” we had doubts that they were the ones in the picture. We sent emails requesting more information and were met with silence. Finally after a few disappointing leads and dead ends, we found the perfect car with a responsive and willing seller. A few email exchanges with the owner secured a date to check out a ’74 BMW 2002.

Alyson Yarberry