Having a car repainted and having it come out looking great is not an easy, fast, or cheap prospect. No matter how carefully the body is inspected there will almost always be surprises that won’t show themselves until the car starts being disassembled. Our BMW 2002 was no exception. After the skilled team at CoupeKing had their way with our ride and the pieces were all neatly stacked on shelves, we started getting a better idea of what we were in for. We expected some rust spots. Any vehicle of this age will inevitably have succumbed to some rust. We found trouble areas on many of the panels. For a car build of this caliber, we decided against merely treating the affected areas and painting over them. Instead, we opted to replace panels and cut out the affected areas where needed. We ended up replacing numerous panels including the doors, fenders, trunk lid and even the hood. Many of these parts were shipped directly from BMW’s warehouse in Germany. After hours of cutting, welding, hammering, fitting and refitting, our ’02 was once again rust free and ready to move to Diamond Hills Collision Center for some finishing body work and a fresh coat of paint.

Alyson Yarberry