Build It, Show It, Donate It – We Rebuild Iconic Classic Cars to Give Back to the Community and Support Worthy Charities!

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In our last post, we announced that our head-turning supercharged ‘91 Clarion Builds NSX will be headed to Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas classic car auction to raise money to support the American Red Cross. So, in this post, let’s dive into the Clarion Builds program and elaborate on our mission of donating our builds to support charity.

It all began in 2014 on a sunny Southern California summer day when Clarion’s marketing team held a meeting to brainstorm big ideas for reconnecting the brand with car culture. We were looking for big ideas that provided a way to connect with car enthusiasts at a grander scale, showcase Clarion’s latest and greatest products, and give back to the community - and thus, in a bright out-of-box thinking moment, the Clarion Builds program was born.

Since the inception of the Clarion Builds program, our main objective has been to mobilize an audience that is truly passionate about cars, provide them a venue to follow along with and provide their input on real builds of iconic classic cars, and give back to the community.

While getting to breathe new life into worn out automotive icons, engaging with the automotive enthusiast community, and generating brand and build publicity are instrumental to the success of the program, it is not a secret that the most important piece of the Clarion Builds puzzle is giving back to the community. We accomplish this in many ways during each build, such as by sharing the build experience with our fan base, providing different ways for fans of the program to see and experience the cars first hand at track events and car shows. Add to those the activities designed to give away products provided by Clarion and our Builds partners, as well as sharing some cool Builds swag souvenirs on social media, among other ways. But, none are more impactful than being able to turn a prized piece of automotive history into a sizeable donation that helps save and change the lives of millions of people around the world.

To ensure our cars raise the amount of money they so rightfully deserve, we spend a great deal of time generating publicity for the cars and their end-goal of raising money for charity. However, all that effort would be meaningless if we didn’t have the right partner in place to help sell the car. That is why we teamed up with Barrett-Jackson, host of the world’s largest collector car auctions. With Barrett-Jackson, we can access their incredible network of automobile collectors, and ultimately sell our cars on as charity auction vehicles where proceeds from each sale get donated to a non-profit organization.

Upon completion of our first build, the 1974 BMW 2002 restomod, we successfully raised $125,000 at Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach event for TGen Foundation. This donation has since helped fund TGen’s research and development of new treatments, therapies and cures for cancer, neurological disorders, infectious disease and rare childhood disorders. As we approach October, we look forward to our 1991 Acura NSX raising a significant amount of money at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas event for the American Red Cross, helping to fund their efforts of helping communities stricken by disaster, supporting our military and their families, blood collection and more.

We started this program with a goal of giving back to our community. By sharing the Clarion Builds experience with automotive enthusiasts around the world and helping rekindle excitement for automotive icons like the BMW 2002 and first-generation Acura NSX, as well as donating our completed builds to support notable charities and help change the lives of millions of people, we can say with certainty, our goals have been met!

Alyson Yarberry