WHY A 1974 BMW 2002?

When it debuted over 4 decades ago, the 02 already had what it took to become an instant automotive icon. This unassuming little transportation device actually spawned the popular Sport GT category and it almost single-handedly started the sports sedan revolution, putting BMW firmly in charge of this segment for 40+ years. The 02 is still an icon today on a global scale, appreciated and sought after by those who have a passion for this automobile and value its significant contribution to the automotive culture. 

Restoration Conclusion

As the restoration journey of the Clarion Builds’ 02 began, we could not have imagined the outpouring of praise and admiration from fans, enthusiasts, publications and media all over the country and the world! With multi-page features in Roundel, Autoweek, EuropeanCarPASMAG, Jalopnik, and Bimmer, to name just a few, the story of the bolt-by-bolt restoration and modernization of this legend has reached nearly 1.5 billion readers across the globe. From Day 1, the restoration of the 02 has been a labor of love, enthusiasm and passion. The Builds program wanted to continue that legacy so it partnered Barrett-Jackson, the world’s leading automotive auction house, to auction off of the little BMW and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Human Genome Project (TGen) and fund cancer research. Our 02 has truly made a big impact on the automotive world.

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