WHY A 1993 BMW 850Ci?

When BMW introduced the 8-series in US in 1991, the 850i (later renamed 850Ci in 1993) was arguably the most advanced production V12 automobile ever produced not just by BMW but by any other make. Introducing many firsts and establishing several modern standards, CAD designs and CAN bus architecture are just a few game changers credited to the 850’s $1-billion development program. A true Grand Tourer by any definition, the flagship 8-series defied the stereo-typical GT cars of the era, as well as anything before or after, by featuring a silky-smooth 6-speed manual mated to a mighty V12. With low production numbers over a 10 year global run, the 850Ci is on its way to become an appreciating collectable thanks to its timeless graceful design, autobahn bred confidence, and pure personification of BMW as the Ultimate Driving Machine!