Purpose built for putting in work in the toughest to reach terrain the 2017 Kawasaki TERYX4 LE got an infusion of some of Clarion’s latest ruggedized gear. The owner was after a simple, yet great sounding system that not only sounded fantastic but was light on the wallet and on the vehicles electrical system. He opted for two CMQ1622RL (4 speakers total) and a GR10BT. Speaker pods from SSV Works were utilized to house the front speakers in the kicks and rear speakers mounted to the roll bar on the roof. The GR10BT has built in Bluetooth which lets him wirelessly stream music from his smartphone or he can tune into his favorite radio station with the AM/FM tuner. Its built-in amplifier has plenty of power to blast crystal clear music out of the four rugged 6.5” speakers even when he is flat out across open terrain. And when the sun goes down or he gets into the shade of the woods the blue illumination on the speakers’ grills gives the vehicle a modern, cool, radiance.



Photos by Vittorio. Check him out on facebook  & Instagram