For nearly 2 decades, Mercedes’ C107/R107 SL-series coupes and convertibles symbolized personal luxury. Introduced in 1971, the athletic and stylish C107 SL Coupes (SLC) were produced in far fewer numbers than their R107 counterpart, as the shorter wheelbase R107 convertible lead sales by a significant margin, with 2 out of every 3 sold to US customers.

The 1981 Mercedes-Benz SLC is an icon by itself since it is the last year of production for the SLC body. In addition, the 1981 380 SLC is a “1 year car” as Mercedes updated the SLC and SL for the model year 1981, with new engines, a new automatic transmission and updated electronics, while also ending production of the SLC at the end of that year! With this in mind, the Clarion Builds SLC is one of the last updated SLCs ever produced!

The SL Class Mercedes cars of the C107/R107 era represented the finest in engineering, comfort and luxury in the 70’s and 80’s. Although the basic design of the car was untouched, Mercedes kept the model fresh and appealing throughout its 18-year run, catering to the expectations of its high-heeled customers ranging from industry tycoons to fashion moguls and movie stars.

As time goes by, the SL and SLC models of the R107/C107 era are being appreciated more and more by collectors and enthusiasts. The rare and svelte SLC model is still somewhat of an unappreciated gem and few have survived. Clarion and its partners are very happy to have had a chance to restore one fully to an OEM+ condition.