Clarion Corporation of America launched an innovative marketing program called Clarion Builds, designed to serve as a base for Clarion and its partners to tackle unique restoration projects of iconic cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles and boats in the near future.

The program will connect with car enthusiasts, automotive sports fans, historians and anyone interested in vehicle design and style. Clarion Build’s first project is a ground up restoration of a classic 1974 BMW 2002 to near factory condition 40 years ago, while also enhancing key components and capabilities “behind the scene.” Clarion will bring the restored car to modern day standards without impacting its original look or driving experience. This project is a tool to generate excitement and drive engagement with auto fans from all corners of the industry.

Visit the Clarion Builds website for program details, pictures of the BMW 2002 and for ongoing updates throughout every phase of the restoration. Watch the build introduction video here: and Follow ClarionUSA for weekly project updates.

Please spread the word about this fun and engaging project as it is just the first of many unique restorations to come!

Alyson Yarberry