Clarion to Fully Restore and Modify a Tired, High-­‐Mileage First-­‐Year Acura NSX With State-­‐of-­‐ the-­‐Art Electronics and Performance Upgrades While Staying True to Car's Roots

CYPRESS, Calif., July 28, 2015Clarion Corporation of America announced today the highly­‐ anticipated, next major undertaking of its Clarion Builds program, the restoration and modification of a legendary first­‐year Acura NSX. Following the same principles as Clarion Builds' inaugural build of an iconic 1974 BMW 2002, Clarion will partner with several hand­‐ selected parts and service providers, as well as specialists that cater to the NSX community and automotive enthusiasts, to bring this tired, high-‐mileage "everyday supercar" into the 21st century with regards to its electronics, engine, suspension, and anything in between while staying true to the car's timeless original design and iconic driving dynamics.

"The idea behind Clarion Builds is to take on and promote the restoration of cars that people can connect with, cars that have timeless designs, legendary performance and a great story behind them. Our first project, the BMW 2002 exemplified all of these qualities, as does the NSX," said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning at Clarion Corporation of America and the Chief of the Clarion Builds program. “In the 80s, Honda was on a mission to develop a car that would look as good, and be as fast as anything to come out of Italy at the time, and designed the NSX with the Ferrari 348 in it’s crosshairs. As a result, Honda brought to market a car that could not only hold its own against world-­‐class supercars, but could be driven daily and, as with any Honda, could easily go hundreds of thousands of miles with just basic maintenance. As a year-­‐one car, with over 230,000 miles on the clock, our NSX project car is proof that Honda accomplished what they set out to build, and we think this is undeniably an ideal next project for the Clarion Builds program. We look forward to working with our industry partners on restoring and modifying this timeless classic with 21st century technology, while readying it for another quarter­‐million miles."

The 1991 Acura/Honda NSX is an icon by any definition. It single­‐handedly redefined the super sports category 25 years ago when it was launched, targeting and delivering performance numbers previously reserved for Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Building a supercar with the idea of owners driving their cars daily, while only maintaining them as routinely as owners would Honda Accords or Civics, was something that even Honda engineers were unsure about back when the program began. But, as time tells today, the NSX has not just delivered on that idea; it has exceeded everyone's expectations. In addition, the year-­‐one NSX is surely becoming a sought after collector's car, with collector interests gaining especially given the pending launch of the all new 2016 Acura NSX, which boasts an impressive amount of state-­of‐the-­art world-­first technologies.

About the project car:

Vehicle: 1991 Acura NSX

Powertrain: 3.0-­‐liter DOHC VTEC V-­‐6, 270 hp, 210 lb-­‐ft; RWD, 5-­‐speed manual Mileage: 230,000 miles

Paint: Black

Interior: Tan Leather

About Clarion Builds:

Clarion Builds is an innovative marketing program that began in the summer of 2014, initiated by Clarion USA to tackle unique restoration projects of iconic cars and trucks in cooperation with key partners, hand-­‐selected for each individual project. The program is designed to connect with new and existing fans who are car enthusiasts, automotive sports fans, journalists, historians, and anyone with an interest in design and style, through a mix of social and traditional media.

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