Joining the program as a gold-level partner, AEM Electronics outfits the Gen One NSX with an Infinity 506 ECU to maximize performance of engine upgrades and enable use of alternative fuels

CYPRESS, Calif., Sep. 8, 2016 –  Clarion Corporation of America announced today that AEM Electronics, the go-to source for high-performance engine management systems, control units and electronic sensors, has teamed up with Clarion as a gold-level partner for the Clarion Builds program’s Acura NSX project. Clarion’s NSX is now able to take advantage of AEM’s Infinity 506 ECU as well as numerous sensors to efficiently manage fuel and spark delivery to the supercharged NSX motor. In addition to engine control, the Infinity ECU is called on for traction control, launch control and all data logging. By welcoming AEMto the program, Clarion Builds brings in the expertise to fully optimize power output of the NSX, as well as enable various engine protection strategies to safeguard the vehicle’s engine from catastrophic failure. The components provided by AEMalso enable the car to take advantage of alternative fuels including ethanol fuels like E85 for even greater power potential.

“Nearly every component in today’s modern engine is monitored by sensors of some kind, and those sensors are relaying important data back to the engine’s computer to ensure that the vehicle is not only running at peak performance, but also maintaining that fine line between power and reliability,” said Lawson Mollica, Marketing Director at AEM Electronics. “Nearly 26 years ago, when the gen-one NSX rolled out of Japan, it had one of the most innovative e engines the world had ever seen. However, by today’s standards, its engine management system is dated, and not capable of supporting the addition of forced induction. We are pleased to be working with Clarion to pair their legendary Clarion Builds NSX with our state-of-the-art engine management solution to maximize the engine’s power potential regardless of what fuel it runs.”

Following the format of the inaugural Clarion Builds project featuring the complete restoration of an iconic 1974BMW2002,   Clarion and its key partners for the NSX project, including AEM Electronics, aim to unite fans and fully integrate them into the program through social media engagement. Additionally, Clarion and its partners are working collaboratively to provide a great deal of detailed content designed to generate excitement and encourage fan participation as the NSX progresses through various stages of the build process.

"Mixing the timeless style of iconic classic cars with modern-day technology is the basic ingredient of what makes our Clarion Builds cars so special,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning for Clarion Corporation of America and Chief of the Clarion Builds Program. " While we were happy with the power gains realized by the upgraded supercharged 3.2 liter NSX engine alone, we believed that there was still power to be tapped from our iconic Japanese supercar. With that in mind, we teamed up with AEM Electronics to explore the possibilities utilizing their expertise and their latest engine management system. I am definitely pleased to see that the state-of-the-art AEMInfinity ECU and the extra time and efforts put into tuning the engine like a fine watch has managed to deliver a significantly higher output of403horsepower to the wheels, 58 more than before, which translates to an impressive 17-percent improvement.”

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About AEM Electronics:

Advanced Engine Management's performance electronics are Engineered to Outperform. The company designs, manufactures and assembles engine management systems, wide band air/fuel systems, data loggers, water/methanol injection systems, performance gauges, boost controllers, ignition components, fuel delivery components and adjustable cam gears at its corporate headquarters in Hawthorne, CA.

About Clarion Builds:

Clarion Builds is an innovative marketing program that began in the summer of 2014, initiated by Clarion USA to tackle unique restoration projects of iconic cars and trucks in cooperation with key partners, hand-selected foreach individual project.  The program is designed to connect with new and existing fans who are car enthusiasts, automotive sports fans, journalists, historians, and anyone with an interesting design and style, through a mix of social and traditional media.


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